The Sponsor of China Grand Rally——CAMEL Had A New Product Release Conference, Han Han Appeared In The Conference,Shared His Thoughts On Sports As A Writer.

OnJanuary 29, CAMEL, the sponsor of China Grand Rally, participated in the 11th sessionof Asian sports and fashion show of ISPOBEIJING 2015, Han Han appeared in the newproduct release conference of the Alpine series, which are the new fashionableoutdoor products of the brand and shared his thoughts on sports as a writer.

HanHan, a writer, racer and film director, and Wang Chaoyong, the founder of ChinaGrand Rally, posed for the new product release conference of the Alpine series,which are the new fashionable outdoor products of CAMEL.

ISPO(International Trade Show for Sports Equipment and Fashion) is a festival of outdoor products industry,  gathering multiple outdoor sports brands in mountainclimbing, skiing, extreme sports and others. This year ISPO BEIJING 2015 heldin Beijing brought together 600 outdoor sports brands. If people are attractedto the auto show by stylish cars and beauties, what the ISPO attracts areoutdoor sports lovers and the crowds that take outdoor sports as a lifeattitude. The writer, racer and film director Han Han showed in the exhibitionand shared with the public his experience and thoughts in these fields withmultiple identities.

Hansaid that he is a man who likes outdoor sports very much, and therefore worksas the brand ambassador for CAMEL for two years in a row. Han showed greatinterest in this year's show. "Today, after the activity, I may also walkalone in the show when I am free, because I like it from the heart." For anall-rounder like Han Han, it may be his wish to be a common attendant of theshow rather than a guest.

Thearrival of Han Han also "startled" the organizers. Tobias Groeber, globaldirector of ISPO came when hearing the news, and attended the opening ceremony ofnew products together with Han Han and CAMEL's top leaders. Tobias Groeber, whoengaged in outdoor sports promotion in China for more than ten years, admittedthat he was deeply attracted by excellent technology and innovation reflectedin CAMEL’s products.

Thisyear the new products that CAMEL launched with Han Han is the Alpine serialoutdoor products in the main style of fashion. "Outdoor products on themarket generally only attach great importance to function, and ignore the aesthetics.So CAMEL tried to combine fashion design with outdoor function." WanJingang, general manager of CAMEL introduced in the exhibition that slogan of Alpineseries is "enjoy fresh and fashionable outdoor sports". The characteristicsof this series is to give more fashion elements to professional outdoor sports.On the basis of guaranteeing the professional function, the products adopt boldavant-garde design, and the tailoring is more in line with the needs of Asianconsumers. May be it is because CAMEL’s outdoor clothing combines professionalperformance and fashion elements that it has a strong appeal to the youth infashion movement, which also made CAMEL the champion in terms of the sales volumeof Tmall on Double Eleventh Day. The total sales of 420 million ranked CAMELbrand the top one for the fourth straight year in the category of apparel.CAMEL Outdoor under the brand of CAMEL snatched the championship with $90.28million sales in the outdoor category, becoming the first outdoor brand on Double11th Day for four consecutive years! The sales volume of CAMELski-wear customized for Han Han singularly reached more than 32,000! The salesdata shows that the upon the shot gun of Double 11th Day was fired,each category of CAMEL had been rising hand in hand, occupying the leadingposition.

The generalmanager of CAMEL Wan Jingang, the writer Han Han, the founder of the GrandRally Wang Chaoyong watched the demonstration of the new fashion outdoorproducts - Alpine series.

Inthe exhibition, Han Han shared his opinions on outdoor sports with many friendwho love outdoor sports. Liking outdoor sports is like he loves car racing,which is also a kind of sports. Han Han said, "on the root, I prefer to havea walk in the open field. Not necessarily to reach a destination. Sometimes itis just to take a walk outside." He thought, he grew up in the countrysideand had been contacting with nature; there were a lot of happy memories ofchildhood; at that time he did not realize it’s outdoor sports; perhaps withthe unconsciousness it was the real outdoor sports; and everything is done for abetter life.

Whethera star chooses the brand he speaks for or a brand chooses its brand ambassador,it is certain that only when they find another self in each other can they havelong-term cooperation. And the outdoor brand CAMEL, which features bothperformance and fashion, and Han Han coincide with each other in their cognitionabout fashion.

The perceptionof sports between CAMEL and China Grand Rally coincides here. The outdoor brandCAMEL has been sponsoring China Grand Rally for two consecutive years. In termsof the participant number, the grand rally may be a sport of minorities; butfor an outdoor brand, the withstanding of the test from environment and time isthe key to conquer consumers.

Atthe end of the activity, Han Han said he has been always focusing oncross-country rally; he himself is also a rally driver; and in the near future,he also hoped to be able to participate in China Grand Rally. I as a humbleeditor and many fans of Han Han as well as the fans of rally are lookingforward to that the versatile talent in the near future will show them hisexciting performance on the stage of the Grand Rally!