Introduction to Heavyweight Racing Cars

10 Million-Yuan Level

   Represented by Haval race car

   This chariot is actually developed by Haval (Great Wall) by working with famous French race car modification firm, it now represents top-level international crosscountry race car, according to the introduction of French technical personnel, the present Haval race car has already reached the level not inferior to top-level race cars, such as Dakar BMW mini race car. In recent years, Haval has attached great importance to race car technology upgrades, this Haval race car is therefore the world's top level already.

6-8 Million-Yuan Level

   Represented by BMW X3 race car jointly developed by East Racing Team and Team Dessoude

   Team Dessoude is an old-line European team, this Nissan race car was actually tailor-made for former champion, a few years ago, it was introduced by Zhou Jihong from East Racing Team who participated in the Dakar Rally by driving it and achieved the best performance ever among Chinese racing drivers in the Dakar Rally. After several twists and turns and through joint efforts of East Racing Car and Team Dessoude, it has been successfully modified in China into this brand-new car.  

   This BMW X3 race car now owned by Hebei Jiujiang Team is exactly the Dakar car introduced from the BMW Team, there is no doubt as to its strength.

3-5 Million-Yuan Level

   Represented by Mitsubishi MPR, Toyota HILUX race car, Nissan Pickup, Mitsubishi L200, Racing Buggy

   1. Mitsubishi MPR

   The price of this MPR13 - a Dakar-champion model - may vary in millions of yuan depending on the year of manufacturing. However, its strength as a Dakar-champion model is without a doubt.

3-5 Million-Yuan Level

   2. Toyota HILUX Race Car

   Toyota HILUX race car was introduced from abroad by Zhou Yong who had participated in the Dakar rallies for many times and has therefore developed a deeper understanding for foreign race cars, he believed that this model has a very good performance and a relatively high cost performance, so he tried to introduce it into domestic market.

3-5 Million-Yuan Level

   3. Nissan Pickup

   Nissan pickup-version Dakar race car has been introduced into China in recent years, perhaps influenced by Patrol's popularity in the racing circle, it is easier for them to accept this model, of course, this is also attributable to its superior performance.

3-5 Million-Yuan Level

   4. Mitsubishi L200

   Mitsubishi L200 is a very classic race car, especially with the promotion of Panda race car in China and its outstanding performance in major events in recent years, this model has started to become popular soon in China's racing circle.

3-5 Million-Yuan Level

   5. Racing Buggy

   Buggy is purely American style race car, though tough in appearance, but if you want to have a good change, you can't spend less money on it, this Buggy car from Beijing, though not the most expensive, is absolutely the most eye-catching one in the event.