2014China Grand Rally Recos Documentary (4)

       On the second day of the stage survey, the sky wasshining after yesterday’s heavy snowing; it made the team members allexclamation for the mystery and caprice of the nature. The temperature wasstill low and the rectos team members all worn the fleeces sweater to keepwarm. The air diaphaneity was high after the snowing; you could feel that yourinner was like cleaned by the nature and became perfectly pure after taking adeep breath. There was no ward about haze, but only the grandeur of snowmountain scenery under the sunshine.

       However, good weather did not bring much good luck to therecos team, but more like insist the team stay like a guest. Vehicles werestopped and trapped in different ways soon after sped through the valley. Threevehicles were caught by different modes and directions. (Vehicles caughtthoroughly and absolutely)

       Chairman Chen took off the shoes and stood in the riverwith all the team members to try to push the vehicles move, however, thevehicles trapped deeper. The nearby graze villagers (simple folks) drovetractor to help, but failed after several drawing because the tractor’s powerwas not enough, the kind hearted villagers were not given up, and they wenthome to get the truck then rescued the three vehicles.

       The all day survey finished in stop-go drove. The sun wasbending in the west and the sunshine sprinkled on the top of the snow mountain.Showing a white with pink color, delicate beauties combined with staunch theteam members felt a little homesick when they met the full moon high above inthe sky. Yes, just the difficulty and beauty that highlighting the charm ofCGR, manifested the strong and persistence of China Cross-Country Racers

       You will realize the real exciting of surrounding bynature only when you join the 2014 CGR; and will experience the harmony ofintegrate into nature; be able to fear no challenges and brave enough to marchforward in the future.