2014China Grand Rally Recos Documentary (3)

       Today was the first day of the stage exploration, inorder to search a different stage for the 2014 CGR, the recos team had doneamazing amount of work. The recos team met the unprecedented difficulties whenthey worked in the high altitude area over twenty hours. The recos vehiclessped through Gobis, canyons and riverways these kinds of terrain andtopographic features.

       The storm suddenly dropped at the 3000 meters altituderoad in the midnight, letting the recos team understood the power of the heavysnow as well as un-preparation in May. In this late night on the valley, thevisibility was even less than one meter at the serious time. People needed toget off the vehicle and faced the blizzard to guide the vehicles forward. Eventhough, the vehicles still caught by the riverway abatis and had to change tiredue to the complexity of road conditions.

       Although the first day formal stage exploration is fullof dangerous situations, harsh environment and complex road conditions and ourteam members even had to sleep in the valley over 2000 meter altitude ,everyone still excited by the condition of the stage survey results, on thecontrary did not look tired. The road varied terrain in this day and snowymountains not melted for whole year always accompanied us. The recos teambelieved that the racers would be able to experience a fascinate new stage whenthe second session of the CGR starting. Moreover, the challenge for thecompetitors and racing vehicle would be even greater.

       Along with the deepening of stage survey, more and morefeatures of the excellent stages would be shown to everyone. Just like toddy’s recosof snowy mountain stage in general, how many people would expect to meet a“good weather” of snowstorm during the race? I believed that the experience inwhich each hero faced the flying snow and battled out in the high altitudeterrain would be never forgotten for every racer. Were you ready for thechallenge