Designer JD

Job Responsibility:

1、Responsible for the Company’s daily propaganda, planning and design work;

2、Responsible for graphic design & production and other graphic processing, as well as corporate promotional material design & production;

3、Responsible for the design of event campsite, event trophy and other related items;

4、Assist webmaster to determine the style, layout and tonal collocation of the Company’s website;

5、Communicate with collaborator to ensure the quality, schedule and successful acceptance of all kinds of projects;

6、Responsible for effective cost control in design and production;

7、Continuously improve design level to meet growing demands of the Company.

Qualifications: 1、Junior college degree or above in art or design related majors;

2、More than two years’ experience in design related work;

3、Proficient in the use of PS, AI, 3D Max and other tools;

4、Good picture expression ability, think quickly and clearly;

5、Observant and detail-oriented, enthusiasm to work and full of sense of responsibility;

6、Please bring your design work when applying for the position.