2017 China Grand Rally is the fifthedition of this top level long distance rally in Asia. Now the reconnaissance isin detailed plan. Specialists from Europe will design every stages with Chineseteam together. Through 4 provinces at least, Shanxi ,Ningxia, Inner Mongolia,Gansu. The new adventure start in September 2nd, finish in September 14th. 12special stages and 8 bivouacs you will meet in this golden season for longdistance rally in China.

The grouping is same as last four editions,including T1, T2, T3, T4, 2–wheel motorcycle, ATV, group challenge and newenergy. Organization will provide well-reviewed road book from French experts, internationallogistics support from biggest freight forwarder in China, specialized languagevolunteers for international teams, TV special programs in CCTV-5 everydayduring rally.


2017Entry Fee for International Teams

the international drivers in this form refer to thedrivers with foreign passports, who are registered for this competition bysomeone other than the manufacturer teams and clubs in China.

A. Cars


A1 Drivers and Vehicles

Entry fee for Driver / Co-Driver


Entry fee car

A2 Support team

Entry fee pre crew member






B. Trucks

B.1 Drivers and Vehicles


Entry fee per Driver / Co-Driver

Entry fee 4x4 /6x6

B2 Support team

Entry fee pre crew member


Entry fee per Car/Van


Entry fee per truck


C. Bikes/Quads

C1. Rider and Vehicle


C2 Support team

Entry fee pre crew member


Entry fee per Car/Van


An extra 60% will be chargedin the total of race vehicle and team’s working vehicle if organizeradvertising is refused.

The entry fees and service fees do include the  following:

Ø   Sporting rights and Road Book, Sporting  documents

Ø   Medical service during all the event

Ø   Organizer 3rd part liability insurance

Ø   Insurance , includes civil liability  motor insurance during the entire event

Ø   Medical repatriation insurance to the  country of origin

Ø   Price Giving Ceremony at the finish

Ø   Ecological contribution on all bivouacs

The fees do not cover third-party services as well  as rental charges and deposits for

safety equipment (not collected by the organizers)  such as:

Ø   Catering every days on the Bivouac

(800RMB /one person/one day 200RMB/one person/one day can be chosen, or team can choose take meal  in restaurant).

Ø   Satellite tracker

Ø   GPS for race

Ø   Working vehicle tracker

Ø   Fuel charges

Ø   Expenses relating to transportation and  customs

Ø   Expenses incurred from sheltering  racing vehicle

Ø   Vehicle washing fee

Ø   Laundry fee

Ø   Physical therapy cost

Ø   Working vehicle rental fee

Ø   RV rental fee

Ø   Pickup RV rental fee

Ø   Camp setup cost

Ø   Hotel accommodation fee

Ø   Others