ChinaSilk Road Rally 2015

August 26-September 11, 2015  

Stage12: Dunhuang - Dunhuang, 370.51km

Liaison,142.41km; stage 161.75km; liaison, 66.35km.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015



·Despres and Han Wei maintain second and thirdoverall into Dunhuang

·Hu Ai Dong tops the quads in fifth; T3 advantagefor Guoyu and Delaunay

DUNHUANG (CHINA):  Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel and SpaniardArmand Monleón Hernandez won the 12th special stage at the ChinaSilk Road Rally on Thursday and both are now just one day away from claimingoutright victories in their respective car and motorcycle categories.

Peterhansel and navigator Jean-Paul Cottret secured their seventhstage win of the campaign in the Team Peugeot Total 2008 DKR and take a lead of33min 14sec over team-mates, Cyril Despres and David Castera, into the finalstage on Friday. Despres was first on the road after Wednesday’s stage win butlost time with a flat tyre.

“We had a good day,” enthused Peterhansel. “We passed Cyril aroundkilometre 60 at a cross and then we had no problems. The last 20km in thecanyon was beautiful and wide. You can drive safely, because it was sandy andnot dangerous for the tyres.”

Monleón recovered his composure after a collision with a police car onthe stage on Wednesday to also claim his seventh stage win of this year’srally. The Red Bull KTM 450 Rally rider now heads into the final Dunhuang loopstage with a lead over Jincheng’s Su Wen Min of 31min 58sec.

“I broke the cable of the throttle 10km from the finish,” said Su WenMin, who had to hold the cable in his hand to reach the stage finish. “That wasmy luck! It was a very beautiful stage. I tried to enjoy the landscape and notmake any mistakes.”

The penultimate 161.75km selective section started at Suo Yang Chengand finished in Hanxia, before teams returned to the Dunhuang bivouac via a liaisonof 66.35km.

Lui Kun recorded the second quickest time in the car category at thehelm of his Mitsubishi Panda MPR11, although the Chinese remains in fifth placebehind the factory Peugeots and the Havals of Han Wei and Christian Lavieille.

“We made a little difference on Han Wei,” said Lavieille, who won theChina Grand Rally in 2014. “No problems. The stage was fast and less difficultthan last year. There were less deep ditches and ruts. We were nearly one hourfaster than last year!”

In the motorcycle category, Zhao Hong Yi retained a distant thirdoverall on his KTM 450 Rally, Zhou Tien is fourth on the second of theJinchengs and Hu Ai Dong retains fifth place and is comfortably the leadingquad rider on his Bombardier 1000.

Amateur rider Li Haiping began the day in seventh overall on hisYamaha WR450F but has been working on the motorcycle himself at the bivouac.“My service car is broken, so I do all the work by myself,” said the Chinese.“I broke my mousse after 40km and I had to ride the rest of the way with a flattyre. Now I must repair it...”

Zhang Guoyu and Sebastien Delaunay began the day in 18thoverall and continue to lead the T3 category in their Polaris 900. TheChinese-French duo started the stage with an overall advantage of 1hr 12min07sec over the all-Chinese Polaris 900 crew of Liu Hailong and Zhang Jianfeng.Their rivals started the stage in 20th overall.

Leonidas Marmolejo and Maximiliano Blanco set out into SS12 in 26thposition in their 4WD Jaton Racing Team Toyota Hilux and the Australian pairingof Adrian Di Lallo and Harry Suzuki started the special from 36th inthe Red Earth Motorsport Isuzu MU-X.

“We were flying - literally,” said Di Lallo after today’s stage.“There were many un-noted gutters appearing out of nowhere, one of which causedus to fly through the air in a nose-scraping moment. The stage was a real carbuster, so we eased back where we needed to and passed several cars as we gotthe opportunity.

“The stage started off in fast, flowing hard-packed tracks and thengot really gnarly and rutted through river beds for another 50km, beforeopening up into high speed sand tracks on a run up to a mountain range. Thelast section was a nice run along a canyon wall followed by a winding river bedrun on the canyon floor.”

The rally is being organised by the China Silk Road Rally Auto SportsManagement Company Limited, in association with CCTV Sports and EntertainmentCompany Ltd. and the Beijing Motorsports Development Company, with the fullcooperation of the Federation of Automobile Sports of China (FASC) and thesupport of the sporting bureaux of several Chinese regions.

Tomorrow (Friday), is the final day of the 2015 China Silk Way Rallyand features a short loop around Dunhuang, before the ceremonial finish andprize giving.

A liaison of 7.88km takes competitors to the start of the 13th222.42km selective section at Dang He. The competitive action again finishes atHanxia and a liaison of 66.35km returns the finishers to Dunhuang.

UNOFFICIAL @11.40hrs (CET)

2015 China SilkRoad Rally – positions on SS12 (Cars):

1. Stéphane Peterhansel(FRA)/Jean-Paul Cottret (FRA) Peugeot 2008 DKR        1hr31min 34sec

2. Lui Kun (CHN)/Liao Min (CHN)Mitsubishi Panda MPR11                            1hr35min 49sec

3. Christian Lavieille (FRA)/Jean-PierreGarcin (FRA) Haval                            1hr35min 56sec

4. Cyril Despres (FRA)/David Castera(FRA) Peugeot 2008 DKR                     1hr37min 44sec

5. Han Wei (CHN)/Pan Hong Yu (CHN)Haval                                            1hr38min 43sec

2015 China SilkRoad Rally – positions on SS12 (Bikes):

1. Armand Monleón Hernandez (ESP)KTM 450 Rally                                      1hr48min 52sec

2. Su Wen Min (CHN) Jincheng 450YRally                                      1hr55min 08sec

3. Zhao Hong Yi (CHN) KTM 450 Rally                                               2hr01min 08sec

4. Zhou Tien (CHN) Jincheng 450YRally                                           2hr05min 55sec

5. Hu Ai Dong (CHN) Bombardier 1000                                            2hr09min 50sec

2015 China SilkRoad Rally – overall positions after SS12 (Cars):

1. Stéphane Peterhansel(FRA)/Jean-Paul Cottret (FRA) Peugeot 2008 DKR        21hr01min 39sec

2. Cyril Despres (FRA)/David Castera(FRA) Peugeot 2008 DKR                     21hr34min 53sec

3. Han Wei (CHN)/Pan Hong Yu (CHN)Haval                                            21hr52min 15sec

4. Christian Lavieille(FRA)/Jean-Pierre Garcin (FRA) Haval                            21hr58min 53sec

5. Lui Kun (CHN)/Liao Min (CHN)Mitsubishi Pajero MPR11                           22hr21min 28sec

2015 China SilkRoad Rally – overall positions after SS12 (Bikes):

1. Armand Monleón Hernandez (ESP)KTM 450 Rally                                      26hr00min 16sec

2. Su Wen Min (CHN) Jincheng 450YRally                                      26hr32min 14sec

3. Zhao Hong Yi (CHN) KTM 450 Rally                                               29hr09min 04sec

4. Zhou Tien (CHN) Jincheng 450Y Rally                                           29hr57min 26sec

5. Hu Ai Dong (CHN) Bombardier 1000                                            30hr32min 15sec


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