Address from Chairman of Board

      Dear friends, thank you for your concern and trust for China Grand Rally. As an auto racing management company, China Grand Rally is currently operating China’s top level auto cross-country rally with independent IPRs. ChinaEquity is always concerned about and holds an optimistic view of the development of Chin’s sports culture industry, and has accumulated a large number of capital operation cases in this regard, such as INFRONT, Copa América -China Team, and well-known CBA basketball league match, which is one of famous sports events operated and promoted under In front China.

        Today, under the general trend of domestic consumption structure upgrading, as well as vigorous support by the Chinese government of sports culture industry, we believe that the sports culture industry will usher in the golden years of its development, with huge market development potential in the future. This time, we join hands with CCTV Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd to establish China Grand Rally Auto Racing Management Co., Ltd, we will help the Company to enhance capital strength, speed up the development of main business, strengthen channel advantage and through grafting of ChinaEquity’s own resources to promote China Grand Rally’s brand operation, thus providing the Company with practical business support.

       In the future, we firmly believe China Grand Rally Auto Racing Management Co., Ltd, with its own strong advantages and leading position in the industry,  will certainly usher in a broader development space, and we also expect the Company to continue its good development concept and maximize brand value of more sports brands both at home and abroad! Here I wish China Grand Rally a great success!