China Grand Rally Auto Sports Management Co., Ltd is an joint-ventured international automobile & motorcycle sports management institution established by ChinaEquity Group and CCTV Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. The Company joins hands with Automobile & Motorcycle Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and Federation of Automobile Sports of PRC (hereinafter referred to as “FASC”) in an attempt to internationalize, professionalize and capitalize the development, management and promotion of all kinds of automobile & motorcycle sports both at home and abroad. And the support of the government, media and capital has laid the Company’s unshakable core competitiveness.

       As an international enterprise, China Grand Rally always remains a high standard when it comes to talent recruiting, with internationalization and specialization as the basis and open-mindedness, innovation and team spirit as the essence. All employees of the Company hold bachelor degree or above and have achieved excellent results in their respective fields. Experienced professionals from auto industry, senior media figures and former members of Chinese Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games constitute such a solidary family cooperating with absolute sincerity.

       After 60 years of development, China’s auto industry has come a full cycle, meanwhile, China has joined WTO for more than 10 years already, during this period, China’s auto industry has made astounding advances; being global champion in car production & sales for years consecutively, China has catched up with and surpassed the world’s major auto powers with the fastest speed, while the next 60 years will be the period witnessing significant development of China’s auto culture, Car’s entering into innumerable families has laid a strong foundation for China’s auto sports. Under this background, the Company has already joined FASC to hold the country’s largest auto cross-country rally (namely, China Grand Rally) with independent IPRs since its foundation. And the successful holding of this event also means that China’s auto sports is moving towards a brand-new internationalized journey from now on. Meanwhile, several automobile and motorcycle sports events are under intensive preparation, the golden years of China’s automobile and motorcycle sports have already come.

       The development of auto sports reflects the development level of auto culture, therefore, sports culture industry has become a big chain driving the Company’s business development, the outbreak of auto sports culture will inevitably drive the running of the whole industry chain including traditional manufacturing industry, e-commerce, mobile applications, advertising, video game industry,etc., while managing and promoting the operation of this huge system has become the Company’s mission.